I’ve been asked by the owners of a still functioning drive-in theatre near my hometown of Tiffin, Ohio to restore the original neon design to the front of the 60’ by 60’ screen tower.  If you would like to donate to the restoration, click here. 

TDI color

 The Field of Dreams Drive-In, originally named the “Tiffin Drive-In” is a few miles north of Tiffin on Route 53.  The neon on the front tower was an early inspiration to me, family piled up in the station wagon on a Saturday night for a double feature, certainly lit the way to my career as an artist using neon.

 Although no photos have been discovered of the whole neon design, I’ve found a few that show some of the details.  From my research and memory, I have come up with a design I feel is very close to the original design. The tube supports for the neon are still in place on the tower and they will aid reconstructing the image in red, white and blue neon!  There are other connections I’ve discovered.  Turns out, I have known the daughter of the original designer/maker since high school.  She is also my aunt’s god-daughter.  All this information has come to me researching for the project.



This is clearly a “full circle” situation and I am honored to be asked to do this work and restore one of my and many others childhood memories.  The estimate to restore the neon is $60,000 and we have started fundraising.  It is our hope to begin this work in the spring of 2018.